testing. one two. check check.


so, the new blog is up. gotta love blog sites that do it all for you. click click click, peruse pics, and done.

if you followed me through the old blog then, hello again. the old blog was… i don’t know. old? it was from a different part of my life. and i’m just moving on and starting over and leaving it behind. i started it when i moved out here, to newfoundland. tracked my way across the country, through a summer in vermont and then setting up the first year here. and now, i’m here, i’m settled, i’m happy… and it just felt necessary to start fresh.

too busy now to really start posting…

ok, for now, it’s back to the books. i will leave my korknisse to guard the blog:

my little army

my little army

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One Response to testing

  1. paula.hanna says:

    Congratulations on the new blog! And on your army. They rock!
    Someday I may start a blog…but maybe not.

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