hello 2009, goodbye 2008

2008 was a pretty good year, I must say.

Looking back over it all I’ve been pretty successful in everything – school, work, personally and on the hobby front as well.

I passed 2 courses, failed 1, am still waiting to hear on the 4th (fingers crossed…tightly) and managed to get 91% on my first business case (woo!). I managed to convince my company to demote me to a more applicable level (which sounds backwards but the stress relief was so very worth it) plus I managed to get a big raise out of it which is always good (and again, seems backwards, but like I said it was for the best). And then of course there was the engagement. Which of course was probably the highlight even though it happened in the final week of the year and still feels a bit surreal… (as my friend Peter said to me today: Happy New Year and I hope you have a better year this year what with that engagement that happened last year and all.)

We took a bunch of fun trips: marble mountain in February, Champney’s in May, Minchin Cove in July, Champney’s – Lumsden and Gros Morne in September and of course Colinet for New Year’s eve. I’ve been lucky to see some really incredible spots in this province during the last 12 months and I look forward to more exploration adventures in 2009.

from lift at Marble, February 2008

from lift at Marble, February 2008

Minchins Cove, July 2008

Minchins Cove, July 2008

Colinet - St Mary's Bay, Jan 1 2009

Colinet - St Mary's Bay, Jan 1 2009

On the hobby front, I took a weaving course and made a scarf (still need to sew in the ends and wash it…and that was from the summer…whoops. Plus, I finished 10 knitted items (according to ravelry) – that total includes 16 mini sweaters plus about 15 korknisse….and two sets of 5 finger puppets each.) – there are also 3 pairs of socks in there, which for me is a LOT of knitting. i’m hoping this year to get more like, 7 pairs of socks for the year PLUS a sweater (really simple pattern and i already have the yarn), a STACK of knit dishclothes – basically I want to demolish my stash of kitchen cotton, plus finish a crochet granny square afghan that I’ve already started to use up all my gross acrylic and random yarn ends. I’m sure there will be some more korknisse in there as gifts for next year, plus some sweaters for ornaments…

So… yes, all in all a really good year. Can’t wait to see what 2009 might bring!

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