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Techno geeky

Blogging from my new iPod touch. And from bed! This is the coolest toy ever. Now, I think I’ll watch some rick mercer report episodes or maybe a movie… 🙂 Advertisements

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what, no one cares what i had for lunch?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog and blogs in general. Why am I driven to blog? Is it because I never wrote that book? I feel the need to connect with the outside world? I want to share … Continue reading

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paper products = evil

I’ve been doing some reading about paper products – tissue, toilet paper, etc – trying to determine what products are the best both environmentally and economically. I found these two links useful:  Greenpeace Tissue Guide and NRDC Shopper’s Guide although … Continue reading

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an actual conversation…..

(on the telephone) Neal: Is Bob there? Woman: No. I shot him. Neal: … … Sorry? Is Bob there? Woman: No! I shot him! Neal: What?! Woman: Haha. (phone clunking on table). BOB! BOB!! PHONE!!

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