paper products = evil

I’ve been doing some reading about paper products – tissue, toilet paper, etc – trying to determine what products are the best both environmentally and economically. I found these two links useful:  Greenpeace Tissue Guide and NRDC Shopper’s Guide although they don’t have the President’s Choice brand on there which is what I usually buy. I think the other half hates that I buy “scratchy” toilet paper, but I just refuse to buy a product that is so obviously damaging to our planet. For facial tissue I’m happy to use a slightly scratchier product for the every day nose drips, but when I have a cold or the flu I need something softer. I go through the winter with a nose that has a permanent red glow on the sides from blowing. I’m thinking old school hankies might be the way to go.  I’m not grossed out by my own snot.  Someone else’s snot – yes, but I don’t plan on sharing.  We use cloth napkins, but we still have paper towel which is unnecessary.  These cloth hankies must be easy to make, if you have a sewing machine, which I don’t.  This family actually uses cloth wipes for going to the loo as well…I can’t say I’m at that point yet…  don’t think I ever will be, but I admire their determination to reduce!

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