what, no one cares what i had for lunch?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog and blogs in general. Why am I driven to blog? Is it because I never wrote that book? I feel the need to connect with the outside world? I want to share what I think and what I’m doing with total strangers? It’s an odd compulsion.

I read a lot of blogs and have been trying to figure out what I want MY blog to be. Is it going to be just a personal account of my daily life? Is it going to be a hobby blog (relating to knitting I guess…)? Is it going to be random opinions on current events, failed experiments (like me + any living plant = failure), or…or…or… ? A lot of the blogs I read are personal but what sets them apart is that they’re well written and/or I share the writers attitudes about life, politics, food, etc. Some are hobby blogs and I only go there for hobby content – and am quite dismayed when the writer goes on vacation and I get days and days of pics of them around the world (because I don’t care about THEM, just what they produce). So how am I going to balance what I want and like in others blogs in my own?

This is going to require some planning.  The old blog started out with a very specific purpose – to chronicle my trip across the country, the summer spent in Vermont, and the subsequent move here (affectionatly referred to as the island in the middle of nowhere).  Once I was safely here, employed, and living my normal life again the old blog lost steam.  The original use had been satisfied and there was nothing else that struck me as important enough to blog about.  Now, I’ve been focussing more on fibre arts and how fibre plays an important role in my life (and is playing a more and more important role every day).  So maybe that’s my thing.

I know I don’t want this to be solely a personal blog.  Yes, there will be some personal element to it of course, but that’s not the point of this.  If you want to be up in my face on a personal level then you can find me on facebook or ravelry.  So…  I guess now I have to decide what I want to talk about.

* post title shamelessly stolen

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