Dear P,

Remember that yarn you gave me for Christmas? The silk/seacell blend that was oh-so-soft you snuggled with it in the store before purchase? You do? Good. Then also remember that I tried to knit the pattern that it came with, I really really did try. And I really really hated it. I didn’t like knitting with two balls at once. It was twisty and confusing and I think maybe a smaller two ball project would be a better way to start. And as the project grew I also realized that I didn’t like the pattern. Ruh-roh. Danger. If I don’t like the pattern am I going to keep knitting it? Nope. It’s going into “the room” and I’m leaving it there for-evah. So, instead of doing that, I changed patterns! I know that pre-christmas I had sent you a link to this shawl because I am in love with it. The pattern has been knit eleventy-billion times. Right now there are 11,532 projects posted on ravelry. It’s simple and for some reason this one by Terhi over at mustaa villaa made me need to knit it.  Of course, I love most of what she knits.

Anyway, I’m side-tracked.  The new shawl is coming along.  You’ll get to see it in a week when you get here!  I can’t wait to show you.  I know you’ll pet it and ooo a little bit.

love, J

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One Response to Dear P,

  1. Paula says:

    Hey Jenn!
    I’m so glad you changed patterns from the hateful one that came with the yarn. That was such a good idea! Yay!!!! I can’t wait to see (and pet) it when I come visit in LESS THAN A WEEK!


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