the smell of fresh baked bread.

yesterday, in between running a few errands, studying, and watching movies…  i made bread.  the excitement i have at actually having made bread that is edible and not a solid rock is immense.  i feel like annapurna and it feels good.

i started with a recipe from smitten kitchenbread without a timetable.  i followed it almost to the T…not.    i changed the type of flour used, used bran instead of germ and used rice milk instead of milk and water….  what i did follow was the idea that time and temperature don’t matter; you can’t overknead by hand; just relax and let it go.  and it turned out great:

first bread!

first bread!



i was so excited by my first success making a baguette style loaf that i immediately cracked open the joy of cooking and made two loaves of white bread.  it was an entire day of thinking about bread – i finished the last two loaves around 10pm.  and they are awesome.

basic white bread.  nom.

basic white bread. nom.

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2 Responses to the smell of fresh baked bread.

  1. Mom says:

    Oh, my gosh it all looks amazing. I am sooo impressed…knitting and making bread, all wrapped up in one daughter. There really is hope. Congratulations! (and thanks for the great instructions about how to do this!)

  2. Lori says:

    WHOA……….I make a lot of bread, and love homemade bread. the white bread recipe in joy of cooking is wonderful, and your loaves look great! it’s a great dough to use for cinnamon raisin bread, too.

    and as a mom of 4 grown kids, the oldest 27 years old, i love that note from your mom. 🙂

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