christmas prep

i am SO ready for this exam to be over so that i can start prepping for christmas.  which is weird since it’s only november…normally i can hold out much longer than this.  we still won’t put the tree up until a week before, but i’m eager to start the baking (the list is already about 10 items long!  and i don’t bake!) and knitting!  i’ll definitely be making more of the little korknisse below – i loved the white ones but gave them all away last year!

with bells and ribbon - all ready for the tree!

i also really want to make a crochet star garland like this one.  the original pattern is here, but the colours on attic24 really make me want to do my own!  then again, everything on that site makes me want to crochet things in bright colours.  i might not end up making  a garland, and i might just crochet some bright stars to hang from the tree.  we’ll see!  other christmas knitting is coming along – i’ll be glad when i can just sit and focus on that though – the deadline is fast approaching!

and as much as i loved decorating these guys last year – i just don’t like gingerbread to make more this year.  i’ll leave you with this pic of the gingerbread that was:


hello, we like to rock out on gingerbread beach!

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3 Responses to christmas prep

  1. Paula says:

    WHAT! Gingerbread is one of my favourite Christmas items! Spicy!!! Oh well, at least yours were cute.

  2. cheramy says:

    Ya… I know! I’m surprised that I don’t actually like them – I mean, I’ll eat them if they are presented and I’ll enjoy them – but to make an entire batch? meh. Maybe if I dipped them in chocolate…

  3. laura says:

    Those little cork figures are adorable!

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