people at work all seem to be talking about tiger woods, about something he did. cheated on his wife? (is he married?) they keep talking about how he got caught and who he got caught with and blah blah blah. i have no idea what they are talking about – because i don’t care. i don’t pay attention to celebrity gossip. why would i? who actually cares if tiger cheated on his wife other than the people involved.

it’s irritating. people need to focus on their own lives and the world we live in. argh.

PS – oh look, there’s fake snow falling across my banner…weird…

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4 Responses to irritant:

  1. Paula says:

    I agree – it’s annoying and pathetic. I didn’t know he was married either. I guess he won’t be for long but, I don’t really care either way.

  2. Paula says:

    Ooh your mouse movement controls the direction that the fake snow falls in. And it’s falling all over the page not just in the banner. NICE

  3. Charls says:

    I hear ya Jen. He’s just some dude who happens to golf really, really well. Big deal. It’s not like he is ridiculously handsome and talented like Johnny Depp (Hey, does he cheat on his wife? Any chance I could get in on that action?).

  4. cheramy says:

    @Paula – omg you’re right! fake snow ALL OVER! woohoo!

    @Charls – i’ll keep my ears out around the office to see if there’s any Johnny Depp action for ya. 🙂

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