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365:9, originally uploaded by jcheramy. perfect cranberry muffins…fresh and already half gone. Advertisements

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365:8, originally uploaded by jcheramy. The Nest.

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365:7, originally uploaded by jcheramy. the start of a toque for the other half.  pattern is the classic world war II watch cap that i knit for the FIL at Christmas. Ravelled here.

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so…it’s like an ipod that’s too big to fit in your pocket… like an ipod kindle cross…  except why do i want my ipod to be as big as my kindle?  won’t it be awkward to take running?  or to … Continue reading

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365:6, originally uploaded by jcheramy. trying to figure out both my retirement AND posting directly from flickr. life is hard.

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Tuesday night study lasts only about an hour – maybe 90 minutes. I come home from yoga around 9:15 and that’s all I really have left in me at that point. But I do sleep very well so Wednesday morning … Continue reading

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