first sweater and new things.

i’ve realized that trying to photograph a black sweater is really hard.

sooooo…rather than waiting for the elusive “perfect light” that i’m never going to find, i offer you a flash photo of a black blob. i didn’t even bother to try to tidy up so you can see that i really do use that quilt on the couch – it’s usually in a ball on the couch with me nestled underneath it.

the black blob

the yarn is super chunky so it’s knitting up really quickly. i figured the easy way to figure out sweater construction and not have it take the life out of me was to knit up something quickly and i think this is probably going to work out. i’m almost at the part where i have to divide for the front and back and start knitting the sleeves (no idea what that will look like or what i need to do).

the weather today was atrocious – minus 25 with the windchill – yikes! however the humidity was super low so the snow was light and fluffy and the sunshine was beautiful. i went for a walk with some friends and our dogs and while it was cold enough to seriously burn the face, it wasn’t that bad in the trees. we all had fun! when i came home i noticed that the snow was lifting off the south side hills trails like smoke tendrils.

it was beautiful.

and then i went downtown with a friend and spent WAY too much money, but i got these jeans and a pair of these boots for 50% off! woo! so really…it’s as though they were giving the stuff away!


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One Response to first sweater and new things.

  1. cheramy says:

    how come one of the “possible related posts” is “big plans for chickens”? what the hey? that doesn’t even make sense!

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