35 by 35

i’m trying to come up with a list of 35 things i want to do before i turn 35…  which is going to happen in October of this year.  i honestly thought it would be easier – there always seems to be so much i want to do!  i have 7 months to do this stuff…  which doesn’t sound like that much time now, but some of it will be done quickly, some of it will take longer.  i feel mildly ambitious.  perhaps i should add “scrub bathroom floor tile grout” so that it actually gets done.

so far i only have 15 things…any ideas on what else i want to do?

1.  learn to spin

2.  knit a sweater

3.  learn to sew

4.  make a quilt (a small one!)

5.  pickle something

6.  run a 10k

7.  plant something

8.  go kayaking

9.  weave again

10.  pass 3 more courses

11.  get to a point where i am practicing yoga every day

12.  do a headstand

13.  become comfortable in my body

14.  change my name to my married name

15.  continue to learn to sail (the vacation will definitely help with this)


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2 Responses to 35 by 35

  1. Charls says:

    Great idea and already a daunting list, but a few suggestions:

    * a random act of kindness

    * cook a grand dinner – all from scratch, for a dinner party

    * make soap

    * save cash/make stuff ahead of time for Christmas

    * make a piece of wall art, hang it up and not be embarrassed

    These are some things that would be on my list, but damn it, I’m turning 38…33 more things to go….maybe I’ll copy yours 🙂

  2. cheramy says:

    those are fantastic! making soap was already on the list in my head – i keep seeing pictures on the internet of fantastic homemade soap but i’m afraid to try it (lye is scary!). and i actually have several small blank canvases just waiting to be created into something… i’m putting them all on the list!

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