knitting goals

i always start the year with some great knitting goals and then i forget about them.  whoops.  at least one of these (the sweater) is on my 35 by 35 list, but i figure it’s ok to have some overlap…

these goals are the ones that i want to achieve to either get my stash down a bit or get some works-in-progress completed so they aren’t hanging over my head.  i will defintely get sidetracked and knit other things – like the toque i just cast on…

so here are my knitting goals for 2010:

  • 3 pairs of socks! – by year end. i’d like one of these to be knee high, but that might be a bit ambitious.
  • finish my clapotis that is languishing – by end of March.
  • finish my first triangle shawl (the adamas shawl – also just languishing!) – by end of August
  • finish my first sweater (in progress right now!) – by end of February.
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