violence and my oh-so-tender soul

so we have a rule in my house that NO scary movies are to be watched.  and if they are watched then it must be because i’m not home (hopefully out of town) and the house will lie quietly for at least a day until i return to cleanse itself of the violence and terror.  that never actually happens but in my mind i’d like to pretend that it does.  i really do not like violence (i’m hoping i don’t know anyone who actually “likes” violence) and as i get older i’m feeling more sensitive to it.  even the threat of violence is enough to make me cringe.  when we start watching a movie and i realize that it’s going to be one man’s quest for justice through torture of his child’s murderer…(no idea what that one was called) i just leave the room and hang out in the study surfing the web or knitting.

so imagine my delight when i walked into the living room tonight to see Denzel light a guy on fire!  i did really liked the movie (American Gangster), but that one scene is definitely cringe-worthy.  i guess if you haven’t seen the movie then whoops – spoiler alert back there! and if you have seen it then you know what i mean.  yikes.

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