Tomatoes! (almost)

i decided that we should plant a vegetable this year, any vegetable! i chose tomatoes because they’re yummy and i think they’ll do well on our deck in pots. we get lots of sun and our yard is going to be undergoing some landscaping which means that having an in-the-ground garden will be impossible.

i started them from seed (crazy yes, but i didn’t realize you could buy seedlings…this is how much of a gardening newbie i am) on Sunday (the 23rd).

(i apologize for the amazingly horrible photos that are included in this post. the light is just awful in the room with the tomatoes (they are under fake light) and the natural light isn’t much better in the basement. i also have no idea how to use the camera that i was using so all the settings are wonky.)

Here they are on Day 5. Yes, I squealed in delight.

the tomotos are popping

And here they are on Day 6. I have a small forest! I’m not looking forward to having to cull them down. We don’t have room for 35 tomato plants…

the forest

a wee tree.

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