hello blog, i’ve missed you.

the funny part is that as i go through my day i often think of things that i should blog about.  aaaaand then i apparently never do.  so really, it’s like i’m just having a conversation with myself in my head… 

the tomatoes did very well.  we had a great crop, but they would NOT ripen on the plant.  i think perhaps the weather here is just a bit too cool.  i’ve picked them all green just before the temps dropped (and just before Hurricane Igor hit us) and several ripened inside immediately.  the others i have high hopes for.  the flavour in them is incredible, so even if we only get 3 or 4, i’d call it a success for our first attempt at growing them on the deck with no greenhouse.  most people here use some kind of greenhouse or something to grow them so i think we’re pretty pleased. 

i do have pictures…somewhere…  which i will post.

and maybe i’ll even get a post up here more than once a season.

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