35 by 35

1. learn to spin

2. knit a sweater

3. learn to sew

4. make a quilt (a small one!)

5. pickle something

6. run a 10k

7. plant something

8. go kayaking

9. weave again

10. pass 3 more courses

11. get to a point where i am practicing yoga every day

12. do a headstand

13. become comfortable in my body

14. change my name to my married name

15. learn to sail (like, actually learn)

16. a random act of kindness

17. cook a grand dinner – all from scratch, for a dinner party

18. make soap

19. have 4 christmas gifts ready by the beginning of October

20. make a piece of wall art, hang it up and not be embarrassed

21. do a cartwheel – one where my legs are actually straight, not all bent over and weird.

22. snorkel somewhere cool

23. overnight on a sailboat

24. see the sun rise

25. eat something that i’ve grown

26. take a trip to europe

27. back up my pictures

28. organize “my” room (the room that houses my clothes and (ahem) yarn)

29. spend a night on the town

30. get a library card

31. go storm watching at cape spear

32. do the skerwink trail again

33. Do the Spout as an overnight hike.

34. Knit a baby blanket



One Response to 35 by 35

  1. Jill B says:

    Uh oh I’ve recently met that milestone and have only achieved 14 (well, I guess it’s your list, not mine). As for the 35th? I’d love to start up my own small business (a crafty one, of course). Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day, as a very new blogger it’s one of the first, and it’s good to know that someone found me :).

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