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hello blog, i’ve missed you.

the funny part is that as i go through my day i often think of things that i should blog about.  aaaaand then i apparently never do.  so really, it’s like i’m just having a conversation with myself in my … Continue reading

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summer road tripping

I’ve been going through the music collection putting together a new playlist for summer road trips.  Yay for summer road trips!  We always manage a few weekends away throughout the season visiting friends, or hanging out at the cabin and I … Continue reading

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new growth!

the tomatoes are doing really well!  we transplanted them into bigger pots on sunday afternoon and so far so good.  the true leaves are the same size or larger of the cotylden leaves and they all look great.  we only … Continue reading

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mini life-list

A while ago (several months ago?) I started my own mini life-list. It’s over there on the other page: 35 by 35. I chose 34 things I want to do before I turn 35 (in October) and just wrote them … Continue reading

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Tomatoes! (almost)

i decided that we should plant a vegetable this year, any vegetable! i chose tomatoes because they’re yummy and i think they’ll do well on our deck in pots. we get lots of sun and our yard is going to … Continue reading

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365 is kicking my butt

i think i’ve taken one picture in the last week.  maybe two…  sigh.  this whole picture a day thing is kicking my butt.

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forgotten picture. again

after work yesterday I took the Flea out for a wonderful walk and tennis ball throwing session.  we had a great time, the sun was shining bright…and I forgot my camera.  Sigh. however it’s only 8am and I’ve found a … Continue reading

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